If you are an HR professional  in the

new world

You possibly already know that....


  • The " Future of Work" is upon us

  • Progressive companies such as ING, Zappos, Google, Spotify, Facebook etc. have already implemented Agile HR practices so that they can transform to compete better

  • Your business is expecting you to guide them to do the same

  • HR needs to change

If you want to help the business become agile...


by learning...

  • What is Agile HR?

  • The difference between Traditional HR and Agile HR 

  • How to apply Agile HR to the HR functions - talent acquisition, talent development, total rewards, employee engagement, culture change, organizational design, etc.

  • How to transform the HR function  

  • How to change the organizational culture

  • How to coach and guide business leaders to think and act differently 

  • How to increase the business value of HR


We are Agile HR Coaches and Trainers offering you the tools and training you need to become an Agile HR practitioner

In a way that is simple, easy to understand and apply...

No technical mumbo jumbo!

Our trainings are delivered in a classroom setting in a highly interactive workshop format to maximize learning through application and practice


  • Agility in Business

  • Agile HR Foundation

  • Agile HR Practitioner

  • Agile HR Kickstarter

  • Customized Workshops

Course Schedule

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Our trainers are Business-oriented HR experts who offer insights and real-life examples from their experience working in global HR executive roles and translating proven Agile IT principles to HR

So you walk out of the training with a clear understanding of how to apply this new knowledge to your specific situation